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Maldives (1N/2D - 30N/31D)

Kurumba Maldives 5* (3N/4D)
Maldives 3N

Trip Type: Leisure User Rating: 8/10
Plan this trip with 159 Hotels & 170 Activities option All taxes inclusive

Package Cost INR 40,982 Per Person


Sheraton Full Moon Resort & Spa 5* (3N/4D)
Maldives 3N

Trip Type: Honeymoon User Rating: 8/10
Plan this trip with 159 Hotels & 170 Activities option All taxes inclusive

Package Cost INR 65,782 Per Person


Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa 4* (3N/4D)
Maldives 3N

Trip Type: Leisure User Rating: 9/10
Plan this trip with 159 Hotels & 170 Activities option All taxes inclusive

Package Cost INR 24,800 Per Person


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Things You Should Know Before You Travel to Maldives

Honeymoon in Maldives has ever been common and which likewise with partners from all possible regions of Earth. The blue seas, the most magnificent white sand beaches and also the magnificent beachfront hotels of this island vacation spot are all amazing sufficient to lure amorous vacationers from all possible pieces. But there really are several things that can make Maldives on the list of finest honey moon destinations around Earth. The truth is that all these will be the exact same explanations for why partners usually prefer Maldives being a honeymoon vacation spot across several related places across Earth. Stop by Maldives' very best beaches and you may walk round together with your own partner. Watching a brilliant selection of bass using exceptional corals is a superb adventure you may see in your own honeymoon. We have recorded the absolute best explanations Maldives is considered the optimal/optimally honeymoon locations on earth.

Best Time to Visit Maldives:

The best time to Plan your honeymoon in the Maldives is somewhere between from November to April. The isle region is mostly bright and warm all around the year but it mainly consists of three following seasons. There are many pros and cons of each season.

Place to visit in Maldives:


Malé is famous because of the historic mosque and buildings that are vibrant. An densely inhabited and intriguing place, celebrated chiefly due to its crude contrast with the relaxing rate of island existence everywhere within the nation. Together with its beauty and progressiveness getting discussed at the island now has become probably one of the most visited parts from the Maldives. It's an informal city perfect for roaming minus pre-planned itineraries. With heritage buildings over both hand and also trees and seas having warm colors across the flip side, Malé is really a must-visit. This modest Maldives financing is actually a mercantile hub of the nation with a fantastic deal to provide for its own customers. Aside in the hotel's infinity swimming pool along with a buffet that is succulent, Malé supplies one of their absolute most actual experiences within the Maldives. Surrounded courageously with turquoise waters, it's the driving spirit of the entire archipelago. From drifting about the roadways reverted with stores and markets that are vibrant into understanding in regards to the Maldivian heritage, you would like every time put in at the capital town of douleur. Malé is an ideal destination at Maldives. Malé has something for everyone. So you strategy your Maldives h2o villa honeymoon bundles and also invest in quality time by means of your associate.

Things to do in Malé:

You will find a lot of enjoyable what to do Malé which creates any getaway in the island funding that fabulous experience full of romance and adventure. From respecting the Islamic and pre Islamic architectural sites to looking at amazing contemporary monuments to buying in the regional markets, then you can find a number of things to do Malé. Owing to the near proximity to some other critical islands in Maldives, also it has easy h2o transport platform, appreciating Malé additionally means appreciating the beauty of their different islands round it. You can find a lot of monuments that cause holiday sites, and you also can likewise locate plenty of beaches and parks at which you are able to settle back and unwind in serenity of mind. An town excursion of douleur could be your very best and the most in-depth ways to relish the myriad beaches with the city as a neighborhood map won't merely possess the capacity to run one throughout the small roads but in addition incorporate a pinch of encounter into the sights by simply trapping them together with insights that are local. Hulhumale, the sister of douleur, has to likewise be contained in your own city excursion as it fundamentally functions as an expansion of their primary funding, also contains plenty of monuments to see and restaurants to float at. Whenever you are in douleur, afterward you definitely are unable to get left behind to its own beaches. Water-sports are some of the the most effective what to do in douleur, plus so they might be appreciated from their thickness and number round the shores round douleur. Only lounging to the gold beaches can also be a superb activity from the Kurumba Maldives package deal.

Banana Reef

Banana Reef is located on the west of Farukolfushi, Banana F is known as after its geographical states as it's shaped much enjoy a banana. Banana sidewalks, one of the earliest reptiles found from your Maldives, is adorned with magnificent waterfalls, majestic waterfalls, delightful coral springs and strong overhangs. Napoleon wrasse, for example Jackfish, enormous predators like sea lions and sea turtles, would be the emphasized section of these own diving. The ocean is filled with brilliant marine creatures and also the cover of the world is a great location for diving. The calm and most positive currents combined with superb visibility persuade operators well for first time sailors, students and beginners to receive their toes moist. It's likewise quite a suitable choice for pro and knowledgeable sailors as it enables them to go deeper and find out more on the topic of the energetic universe below the outside of their seas much better. Banana Reef may be your exact first dip site in order to be seen in the Maldives and has been merely one of a few of those latest. The dip that changes in depth in 5 to 30 meters also features numerous interesting features written of some pinnacle plus likewise some overhangs. Coral formations proper listed here are all vibrant and radiant, attracting a considerable selection of fish, for example as for instance Shrimp fish, banner alongside Asian candies lips. Currents may be robust periodically round the Banana Reef, along with regular interference happening round the overhangs. So, with a face filled balloon is more suggested. It will be likely for"Banana Reef '' by simply deciding on a rate boat. The purchase price in addition to the moment to Banana reef will definitely depend on the hotel you decide on in Maldives h2o villa honeymoon bundles.

Things to do In Banana Reef:

Banana Reef is one of the nation's best selling diving hotspots. Banana Reef can be really a hotbed of exercise during the entire season. Back in Banana instills plenty of matters todo will skills in the vicinity of the spot throughout a trip. Snorkeling and Diving tipped to be one of the Best Possible Hot-spots at Every of those Maldives. The very best thing to do close Banana Reef is like such explorative activities. The prosperous coral reef isn't simply a well known feeding ground for innumerable marine species however a submerged wonderland for sailors that are enthusiastic. Individuals who like to stay near the shore can enroll to get a ski trip in close proximity to Banana Reef as opposed to the secure marine region is notably dotted with sea fish. Boat tour is likewise an adventuresome action to do in Banana Reef. The region is perfect to get a sailing trip as holidaymakers may detect the great thing about the Midtown region even though gliding round the sea area. Comforting and fun, a boat tour nearby Banana Reef is additionally the perfect approach to find yourself following an afternoon of holiday season. Take to amounts of seas athletics such as snorkeling, diving, swimming pool and kite-surfing etc.. When it truly is parasailing, windsurfing or stay upward paddling, you can find tons of plain water jump things to do to relish Banana Reef. At Banana Reef 5-star motels also provide holidaymakers spa treatment options. Find out on the topic of the variety of curative treatments obtainable in the spas to truly immerse yourself at a genuine Maldivian cure. The water and wind requirements round the spot are perfect for clients having encounter. You may spend some time together with your cherished in Hulhumale beach front. It truly is an perfect pitstop for people who are searching to get a scenic shore nearby Banana Reef as the coast and also the subtropical waters are all acceptable for swimming pool activities. Now you're definitely established to set the most Banana Reef on your Maldives tour bundles in Delhi.

Artificial Beach

Synthetic beach front from the Maldives is just one of the absolute most beautiful beaches. It's a manufactured shore created from the land recovered from your ocean. It has bringing tens of thousands and tens of thousands of vacationers annually to see. The coast from the oriental sea-front of this island will be found a stone's toss away from the town's amateur centre. With breathtaking views along with also a climate that's fine, the beach, engineered as a crescent, has reached its own place being among the very preferred and appreciated vacationer holiday areas. There certainly are a small number of natural and organic white sandy shores in Maldives, however, Artificial beach front features a distinctive allure unlike every additional coast at Maldives. As with other natural shores in Maldives it entirely fits jointly. It's the best location for carrying a soothing swim or perhaps a very long walk throughout shore. This spot is perfect to relish your honeymoon day at Maldives package deal from Bangalore.

Things to do in Artificial Beach:

Artificial seaside is one of the very exquisite and well known man-made shores in Maldives. You can find maybe not someone of action to complete throughout your holiday season. It truly is really a well-known swimming location for those sailors and individuals. Possessing a variety of comforting regions, cafes, cafes and barbecues to its own food connoisseurs, and also plenty of water to the adventuresome, the synthetic beachfront is excellent in most parts of the world! What's more, it's an intriguing hub for enjoyable cultural pursuits which incorporate, but aren't on, vibrant carnivals, live music festivals, and parades. Artificial seashore is also ideal for paying beautiful, tranquil evenings. Lengthy walks to the shore when shooting from the panoramic coast is an absolute requisite. The shore is obviously full of tourists that possess the very optimal/optimally place to cover up the heat from douleur.

HP Reef

HP Reef is just one among the absolute most famous and magnificent snorkeling web sites within the Maldives. It is found in the North Malé Atoll. It's actually a pure miracle. It has really a chance that provides us an opinion of those temperate areas of waters and provides a opportunity for us to get gaining a effortless adventure together with the variety of collection of animals dwelling inside the complete depths of this freshwater sea. The resplendent reef is filled of waves that are amazing, for example cracks, magnificent temples, large cubes, and a large vertical swim-through chimney which extends to a height of 25 meters. H P Reef spot can be just a blend of wonderment, excitement, frolic, adventure, and also most importantly simultaneously. Strategy your Maldives water villa honeymoon suites to research astounding water sport routines.

Things to do in HP Reef:

H P Reef is one of the very best understood & most amazing dive sites about the island state. Sandwiched among 2 outside atoll islands, sturdy currents is also a durable feature which makes snorkeling quite arousing, while still providing tons of nutrition for the two corals and fish. This stable ocean enjoys overhangs, caves and space rising in thirty meters under the ocean into ten at the exact top rated. The large part of the reef is wholly coated in crimson bright blue and orange tender dangling corals, as well as magnificent ocean fans. The present brings an astounding choice of little reef fish along with big pelagic species like grey reef sharks, eagle rays, tunas and barracudas. To really delight in this dip you are going to need to become quite a sure and skilled aide. With dives that hit until the depths of forty yards, this particular really is the ideal location for men and women who try to detect the interesting puzzles of the world submerged.


Utheemu is still among the greatest regions to see at Maldives. It is Found in the Northern Percentage of all Maldives. It's really a small island which looks like a very small green jellyfish. One of those historical substantial tourist spots within Maldives. Using a pleasing weather dominating the island to get a substantial section of the calendar year, it truly is an ideal spot to get a secondary for group travelers equally. The tranquil, panoramic beauty and also the scenic sunrises and sunsets, as well as the trees swaying in the breeze, all are definitely stunning.

Things to do in Utheemu Island

An area indulged in wealthy historical significance, the Utheemu Island in the Haa Alif Atoll is still a sheet of heaven for nature fans and history fans. The spot comes with a monument from its own identity Utheemu Ganduvaru, a legacy construction you ought to watch. This palace has been assembled of timber and also a significant tourist attraction in Maldives.

Hulhumale Island Maldives

The Hulhumale Island is really a lovely Mixture of this nostalgia of the past and also the delight of this long run. It is situated south west of this North Male Atoll and attached to this airport region is a rock of the island Called the Hulhumale. Even the full island sprawls along with a substantial 188 hectares and it is composed of the delightful combination of urban and island way of life. Hulhumale Island can also be a large supporter of green structure and also staying in touch the panoramic attractiveness utilizing a strict no denying coverage. It truly is very dissimilar to lots of different Maldivian islands together having its newly planted trees, even open beaches; golden-white sand and blue waters that are blue are only amazing. Palm-trees across town assert it in sync including all of the neighboring islands as well as the island is intended to be the escape for douleur. Despite becoming synthetic, it seems strangely pure. The island is intended to be flooding resistant. It truly is really a significant spot to observe that a daytime before leaving out from this Maldives or after arriving.

Things to do Hulhumale Island

In case it regards holidays, then it really is always more advisable to organize ahead. To work with you to organize your journey far better. Hulhumale is famous between tourists that reach the Maldives. Men and women quitting in this island really are sure to have yourself a cultural encounter with different pursuits that can leave you looking to get longer. You can find lots of what to do in Hulhumale in addition to the guest houses and motels they could arrange excursions and tasks for all you personally. Moving to Hulhumale Beach,'' it's a synthetic shore and you can find plenty of sailors about swimming and also accomplishing water . If you're residing in Hulhumale that you are able to opt to get a wander and then spend your afternoon at the douleur. There exists a boat 1-5 seconds experience. Pay a visit to Centro Theater if you would like to do shopping prior to going into the seas at Maldives. At Centro Theater you are going to find a whole lot of alternate options because of it in particular. You can find local Western and restaurants. It's contingent on the foodstuff that you'd like to make use of. It truly is very common to own a morning meal in the beach in the event that you're remaining at the resort using an opinion into the shore. There exists a very small regional current market close-to Centro shopping mall. You'll find vegetables and fruits. Its vibrant quiet plus a few of the ideas to do in Hulhumale you can't ever miss.

Maafushi Island Maldives

Maafushi is arguably among the absolute most crucial & popular regional islands in Maldives. It really is seen in South Male Atoll only 27 kilometers from douleur. The amazing Maafushi Island at the Maldives will make you aware of how it seems just like to keep static in a piece of heaven in the whole world. Maafushi is among those regional Maldivian islands at which people visit to resurrect their exhausted spirits and participates in the tranquility that envelopes the tourist location. This spot stands in the top between the well-known areas in Maldives. Having a wide selection of water that keeps the tourists hooked, then the food served is lip-smacking and certainly will absolutely make you in licking at your own hands. Annually, this family vacation space welcomes a larger volume of vacationers, and also to cater for their own requirements, Maafushi is sprinkled with comfy and romantic guest houses that are not only inexpensive but are likewise exceptionally snug. You will not ever overlook out the ability to go to the location on your Maldives honeymoon packages from India.

Things to do in Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island is among the renowned islands of Maldives. You will find lots of great items to do on Maafushi Island. The Bikini seashore place on Maafushi, compared with Thoddoo or even Ukulhas, is little and also will be broken to 2 sections from way of a breakwater. Inch part is surrounded with means of a fence, also at the present time you'll find a number of restaurants, even a dive center and lodges. You're going to be accepted into a temperate boat, at which you unwind and also following some hrs you are going to be removed again. Back in Maafushi you are able to try out any water game: kitesurfing, windsurfing, parasailing, sailing and jet skiing plus a lot more. Inside this regard, Maafushi positively sticks outside one of other regional islands, due to the fact this sort of centers is seen perhaps not on each and every island.

Fulhadhoo Island Maldives

Fulhadhoo Island is just amongst the most significant regions to research in Maldives throughout your Maldives tour bundles out of Mumbai. This tranquil Isle are located at the southern Maalhosmadulu Atoll and just two hours out of the town of douleur is rather populous and can be among the absolute most magnificent islands in the Indian Ocean. With significantly less than 250 folks dwelling in just a tiny village in the west of this island, even the location is ostensibly uninhabited and practically nothing lacking a paradise. Fulhadhoo is just appropriate for those who seek out serene comfort and rejoicing inside nature. This really is actually a huge place for anyone that loves snorkeling and free-diving. Within the islets encircle Fulhadhoo, supplying pleasure by making use of their sandbanks you could see for swimming pool and comfort away from culture. The excursion of gentleman carries two hours on a speedboat. The island comes with a health centre and several rural outlets. The perfect time for you to go to Fulhadhoo Island will be July to October.

Things to do in Fulhadhoo Island

For all people who are searching for each day outside of town living, the calm air of this island may be the ideal area to kickback and curl up. You will find a lot of things to-do on Fulhadhoo Island. Positioned on the shore, the gorgeous shores and scenic beauty would be the principal attractions with the region. Taking time to relax in the shore and invest in quality time together with your loved ones ones is equally excellent for this specific island. Snorkeling That really is a proven activity with this island. Many hotels also provide this game and by which you are able to very quickly reserve some quests. Completely free Diving is completed regularly. You will find lots of diving areas within the particular island. If you should be in your own Maldives property villa honeymoon suites trip you'dn't overlook the chance to stop by Fulhadhoo Island. With its towering golden decoration, it hastens a person's attention of most tourists. It's part of this Islamic heart and can be positioned in closeness to the principal jetty of all douleur. Grand Friday mosque may be your most significant mosque of all Maldives. This expansive structure of modern day occasions was assembled from the Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656. Grand Friday mosque at Maldives features got a capability to allow for almost 5000 folks. The art inside this mosque is only mind blowing. The gold decoration with the outstanding contemporary mosque overlooks the skyline of Male, and it is converted into a thing of the symbol for its metropolis. If you're in your own Maldives tour then never overlook the possibility to observe this great location.

Gan Island

Gan Island is just one of those must go to spots in Maldives. Operating out of Addu Atoll, the strangest point from the Maldives. Even the Gan Island forming part of this Addu atoll that this island really is a stone and right here you may try out a few superb water routines. The island is also home to quite a few tasks that range from sports, sports diving and diving to area ethnic and heritage adventures in addition to high end hotels. Gan Island is one of the couple are in Maldives which attracts an ideal combination of luxury and also the island culture it truly is famous for. The most significant appeal of this spot is white sandy beaches, crystal blue lagoons and also wonderful ambiance. This island at Maldives is ideal to really go to this along with your nearest and dearest and adored to undergo some culture and heritage.

Things to do in Gan Island

Gan Island, Maldives has really confined points of interest and what to complete, therefore may very quickly get a tourist location for boredom in a few days. All things which you can play in Gan Island, Maldives, together provide most of proper info, which means you aim your own trip far better. Aquatic disturbs, coral dip, diving and the reveries diving etc.. You certainly can do all these remarkable activities on your Maldives getaway a vacation to turn your journey unforgettable and adventures. These are just a pinch of activities you may encounter in your own holiday trip to Maldives.