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Priyanka Bhowmik

Here, I want to share an example of wild & high beauty with my latest experience with mountainous regions of Bali in the surroundings of Kintamani. The spectacular volcanic caldera, bubbling hot springs & deep crater lake offered a dazzling view in all directions.

This wonderful day was a part of Antilog itinerary.

Superb planner☺☺

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Mayank Mishra,

I visited Bali with my best friends. Bali is a favorite destination for adventure lovers. We observed the amazing view of Bali's white beaches as an ideal spot for diving. Enjoyed roaming within the dense jungles, & saw the hidden stone temples. Visited the beautiful tourist attractions of Bali. Enjoyed a lot in Bali, liked the hotel services, & excellent efforts of guide & driver. Thank you Antilog Vacations for such satisfactory services.

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Poonam Sharma

I put some personal touch in my Bali visit with the closest view of green paddy fields, tranquil villages, biking through breathtaking landscapes, old temples & much more. Cheerful wavy smile of local kids & colorful procession of women, I think that was sufficient to achieve the memorable impression of beautiful life at Bali.
Thanks Antilog for offering me such wonderful moments☺☺

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Venessa Morales

In my words, Bali is the world’s best destination to spend holidays. With cultural marvels & natural splendors, the place has a huge variety. With the comforts of Antilog Vacations, we got outstanding experience. In such wonderful circumstances, a good guide was like over the expectations fact.
Tremendous journey☺☺

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Natasha Pandey

Bali is a very good place. Antilog vacations provide excellent services & well treated at a new place. There are many beaches & temples to see. Nice hospitality, rooms were very big & comfortable. The food quality was very good & enjoyed the multiple cuisines. We enjoyed the snorkeling, scuba diving, & kayaking in clear water. We really liked the local attractions & our meet with the local people.

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Nikolai Petrovich

Here, I firstly want to use the words of appreciation in respect of Grand Whiz Hotel which I got through the services of Antilog Vacations. Exact location, friendly service, warm welcome, neat & clean surroundings & best food… Simply, the entire factors for a happy stay.
Best services☺☺

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Sukhpreet kaur

My husband would say visiting the Beach destination is all he needed. I would agree those were highlights, but I also loved the amazing lunch in Bali- I didn't know what to expect, but I feel like I learned so much about temples in Bali. The cooking class was also fun. I don't know if I'll be able to replicate the recipes, but I learned some interesting tips & it was great to meet some fellow Americans that were in the class with us. We even met another couple that was using our agent for their trip & we had dinner with them that night. ALl credit goes to Antilog Vacations.

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Haider Ali Zaffar

I enjoyed the beach shores with my motorbike which I got on rent basis. It was superb moments with my girlfriend. Where I’d to drive on the left side of the road, like in most Commonwealth countries. Rest of the amenities were excellent planned by Antilog & we got much better than their words.

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Mars City Hotel


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