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Haiza Hosseini

We booked the Yunnan Extravaganza package last month & everything was as happened as promised by the Antilog Expert. Antilog offered a perfect combination of hotels & activities. There were a lot to explore next time we will definitely increase the number of days & destination to explore the Beijing & other famous cities too. Thanks a lot☺☺

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Nikethan Grover

China is a vast country & so we decided to do it on parts & bits. It was Yunnan Province this time which was our first. We booked the tour with Antilog Vacations & they gave us the best rates & a wonderful itinerary to this area. The company booked some amazing hotels for our stay & the excursions were out of this world. Mount Meili was the most beautiful of all; the walk through the Old Town was equally exhilarating. Tibetan dinner at a local household was the highlight for us. The trip was through sans the slightest hassle. We have already booked another trip with them to Beijing & Xi’an which is due in a couple of months. Indeed worth travelling with☺

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Norberta Charette

Yunnan is a wonderful place to explore China’s countryside. With a fusion of Tibetan culture, as well, Yunnan Province has much to offer that will leave you spellbound. Beautiful monasteries, the Meili mountain range & the authentic Chinese villages give you a taste of real Asia & we enjoyed every bit of this trip that we took with Antilog Vacations. I would highly recommend this company for arranging a trip as expected. We would be travelling with them again, soon enough☺

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Daksh Mathur

My 5 nights Yunnan Province package from Antilog Vacations was a perfect selection for me & my wife. We were here during the rainy season & got the opportunity to view beautiful sunrise at Meili snow mountain on the second day. This view point was the amazing attraction for all the tourists. Thanks guys for these scenic & safe vacations..

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Andrea Wilkinson

The trip to China with Antilog Vacations was a miserable one. It lacked professionalism from the very beginning. The itinerary was provided only a day before the trip even when all the payment was made in advance. The hotel was not intimidated about our arrival & we had to wait two whole hours for checking in. Transfers were shared even when we demanded private. I would advise travelling with some other company of reputation.

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Yunnan Extravaganza


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