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Aarohi Agarwal

Antilog has it better part that is there expert agents who are quite capable to get your task done in hassle free manner. I was in Paris & there was some governmental issue due to which I was unable to get the taxi then only due to the help of the on ground agent of antilog helped me to reach my hotel & that too safely. I was stuck so had to increase my stay & that too was taken care by antilog. There was instant change in itinerary & the other arrangements which were also taken care. There were problems but solutions were provided due to which I felt safe in foreign land.

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It was our first trip to Europe & our time restraints, I think we were able to do & see quite a bit. It would have been nice to spend a bit more time in Verona as we were there only for a half day I would love to plan my itinerary with Antilog vacations for a longer time to explore all the places in one trip.

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Manmeet Kaur

One of the things we especially loved was our agent's willingness to accommodate all our wishes during the planning period. It took several tries before our 9 member group could agree on the cities to visit, but our agent's expert guidance helped us to settle on some of the best places in Europe. We received a detailed document containing suggested hotels, tours, restaurants, & free-time activities, which we again edited, & our final itinerary was received about a week before our trip. It was so

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Our trip of a life time was more than I could have imagined. Our agent, constructed an amazing journey across 4 countries in Europe that included everything on our wish list. Our travel planner was friendly & responsive & was able to offer advice based on personal experience. Every detail was taken care of, & the fairly complicated trip went off without a hitch. The length of time in each location was perfect, & the accommodations were fantastic☺ I've always planned trips on my own previously, but I've gone through the looking glass & now see the value in trusting a travel agent. Thank you Antilog Vacations.

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Western Mediterranean from Barcelona


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