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Daniela D'Silva

I’d like to happily visit this place again. Here the brilliant efforts of Antilog & their professional experience through which I am efficiently able to got 5* accomodation, valuable culture of Fiji & famous attractions in an affordable manner..

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Sanghamitra B.

We arrived home safely yesterday afternoon & despite the jet lag, we’re still glowing from our Fiji holiday. There were so many highlights & despite some rainy days, we were able to sightsee, take excursions & just relax. The staff at Sonaisali Island Resort was genuine, personable, & invested in our having a good time. They were very sweet & appreciative that we chose their resort. We’re very encouraged after a long vacation drought, that we can travel again & experience other parts of the world, thanks to Antilog Vacations who made us trust once again after so many bitter experiences with several vacation agencies in the past!

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Harish Verma

Spend three nights in Fiji with my wife. Stayed at a five-star hotel, we liked the room decoration, cleanliness, & the services. Friendly staff, amazing service, comfortable accommodation. Visited & explored the famous attractions of Fiji with our expert guide. Everything was perfect & good. We had a great experience with Antilog Vacations.

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Martin Black

An excellent piece of work these resorts are. The idyllic location, friendly staff, amazing service, luxurious accommodation & fabulous menu… all added up to making our wedding quite a memorable one. An indulgence for all the guests & bride & groom, we took special interest in the over water bures that provided the all privacy we needed after the wedding. We are glad to have planned this vacation through Antilog.

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Beni Senjou

The Fiji tour that we booked through Antilog Vacations blew our minds! From the Shell Leis at the airport till check-out, everything was so exquisite that we have already decided to return again (not anytime soon, though). The rates seemed reasonable considering the stay, the food & the activities we were exposed to. My wife encountered a snake almost every day, but never has any snake bite been reported that I know of. You don’t bother them, they don’t bother you! It’s as simple as that. It was our honeymoon & we spent the best-yet time of our life; my wife said so, too. I would recommend Antilog Vacations to everyone who’s been planning a trip to Fiji.

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Priyanshu Patra

WOW☺ I & My wife spent 4 very relaxing days at Tadrai Island Resort. Antilog vacations provide excellent services. The food was excellent, nice room facilities, very friendly staff, & nice spa treatment. We enjoyed the water sports activities like snorkeling, kayaking, & speed boating. Enjoy the snorkeling to see corals colorful fishes & marine life. Good Work☺ Definitely want to explore more & more with your trustable guidelines & professional services.

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Girish Mallik

The trip to Fiji was nothing short of amazing! The travel company planned everything perfectly & the entire trip was smooth from start to finish. All accommodations were wonderful & travel transfers always arrived on time. The Fiji sunsets, sandbar picnics, sunset cruises, sea kayaking, wake boarding, rafting, snorkeling; nothing failed to mind-boggle us. The accommodation was good & so was the food. What more could we need when paradise itself was ours to have?

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Tadrai Island Resort


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