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Premjit Dev

Nepal is one of those few countries which if not visited doesn’t complete your Asia tour. And we realized this only when we set foot in this all-Hindu land. Full of temples & Hindu holy places with an array of natural scenic countryside to offer, this amazing country that houses Mt. Everest is worth every moment of your visit no matter where you are from.
Our trip was booked through Antilog Vacations & we had the best guided tour ever. We had done tours with other travel companies but this one stood out among the rest with its impeccable customer service & their zeal for customer satisfaction!

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Vishnu Narayan

When I visited Kathmandu in August, it was summer. Though the mornings were a little warmer, the evenings were cool. With cool breeze & green surroundings, it was really breathtaking experience for the eyes. The food available was mostly Indian food. So, most people should not have any problem with their tummies. We had visited the Pshupathinath temple which is one of the sacred temples for Hindus. Please note that, in Nepal, 500 & 1000 rupees notes are NOT accepted in most places. So, be careful when you carry cash to Nepal.

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Ranjan Rath

We stayed at this hotel whilst on holiday in Nepal. The room was very clean & well decorated. The staff was friendly & very responsive. A Nice spa treat, very good gym facilities, & fantastic food. We visited the oldest Buddhist Stupa, Swayambhunath, & Durbar Square. Enjoy a thrilling river rafting on the Trishuli river. Antilog vacations provide excellent services & well treated at a new place. We really liked the local attractions & our meet with the local people.

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Shilpi Raman

As we all familiar about the healthy environment of mountains.But, I really disappointed to watch the human waste & non-disposable garbage there. As Nepal is famous for Everest climbing so everyone must take care about the such issues to avoid the health hazards & related matters.

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Piyush Sharma

Great place, delighted to see the heritage old temples & pagodas, how Buddhism & Hinduism enriched the lives of people in the ancient age. I also visited Pokhra, Nagarkot & enjoyed Elephant ride, Canoeing & local food.

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Malla Hotel


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