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Ajay Narkar

It’s perfect to call, Turkey a perfect location for water sports due to its heart location in the surroundings of the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Marmara & Aegean seas. Such magnificent unique regions awaiting for their visitors to explore such natural beauty.
I got such opportunity through the efforts of Antilog Vacations.. Great work☺☺

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Mazid Ali

The trip to Turkey that we planned with Antilog Vacations was simply spectacular. Clearly, having the travel agency coordinate the trip made things much easier & allowed us to enjoy it the way we wanted. All arrangements came through to the letter, with plenty of upfront coordination communication & especially, punctuality. We wanted to stay a little longer in Istanbul though. There is so much to see & do out there. We just got a couple of nights there which was a bit disappointing. Other than this, we have nothing else to complain about the trip. The travel company is highly recommended.

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Bhumika Chawla

The agent from Antilog Vacations did a wonderful job with our itinerary & we found her very helpful. Our hotels were located within walking distant in Istanbul & Pamukkale. We loved turkey very much. Istanbul is good for shopping & stuff but Pamukkale offers some beautiful landscapes which you will find very refreshing. Our guides & drivers were equally great. The only flaw we found with the trip was that we were transferred to Pamukkale by bus & it’s really painful to travel by bus when it is a full day travel in concern. Those who have done it before will know.
However, we have nothing otherwise to complain about this trip. I would rate the tour company at around 4 stars out of 5 which will be just fair.

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Roopanshi Agrawal

This trip to Turkey that we recently took was one of those trips of a lifetime. The trip arranged by Antilog Vacations was way beyond the best & we are glad that it has opened our eyes to a new way of traveling. We were so happy with our experience that we have already recommended our travel agent to other adventure travelers whom we are acquainted with. We will definitely use this service again for future adventure travel planning.

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Jordge Lewis

This Turkey tour operator Antilog Vacations is simply amazing☺ We guess it is a “growing” travel agency, but it puts all the time & effort into crafting a perfect itinerary for you. They booked us the most amazing hotels in all the cities we visited☺ Above all else, it was so reassuring knowing that everything was well taken care of - all of our transportation, hotels, etc, just so we could truly relax. We would highly recommend this tour agency to anyone.

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Renata Machado

Antilog Vacations arranged everything perfectly - the car was very good & the driver was exceptional, the tour guides were very knowledgeable & helpful. I & my friends visited the historical attractions of Istanbul, Canakkale, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Antalya, Konya Cappadocia & Ankara. There were a number of famous sites to explore in this popular tourist place. Superior hotels, very clean & lovely rooms, excellent staff. Nice fitness centre, very good wifi conductivity, the food was tasty. Great thanks to you guys for your excellent work☺

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Vickram Bhatia

Our agent responded to my initial itinerary & most importantly, gave key alternatives & recommendations based on her experience. He didn't just book what I said I wanted. He took the time to inform me about ways to improve the trip & suggested excursions (like a hot air balloon ride in the middle of Turkey) that I had not even considered. Most importantly, he did this within my budget I provided. I never felt pressured to spend more.

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Grand Tour of Turkey


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