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Hans Raj Bhatt

We visited Turkey on 15 March this year & had a very pleasant stay, & loved seeing a new country & culture. But one thing worth mentioning is that avoid get deceived. We went to spice market & after scrutinizing many shops due to heavy cost we buy spices from another shop whose price were much cheaper than others, but later on i asked a local women at what cost they bought spices & you don’t believe the price they told us were three time lower . So make sure to consult localities before buying anything.

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Anjanay Bisht

Well everything in Istanbul is quite fascinating but the Blue Mosque is worth seeing. The reflection of blue tiles gives its blue ambiance. It is said that this mosque was built between 1609 & 1616 & comprises a tomb of its founder, a madrasa & a hospice. To have glimpse of its magnificent architecture you need to approach it from the hippodrome. Marvelous is the only word that describes it.

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Aman Kher

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey is a wonderful place to be. Buy clothes, bags, trinkets & a lot more at the Grand Bazar. Cappadocia, Antalya, & Kusadasi were no less great. It was a weeklong trip planned through Antilog Vacations & we enjoyed it very much. Turkey offers a blend of sun & history & you will never get enough of it. Antilog Vacations made vacationing easy for us & we thank them for it.

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Anjum Khan

It was an awesome trip, & we'd like to go back to Turkey one day for further explorations there. There is so much to see & do. The travel company ( Antilog Vacations) was exceptionally good, upfront & honest, & provided us with a wonderful trip & some good advice. Meeting the local people, who were welcoming & friendly throughout our trip was quite an experience. The ancient sites & ruins were spectacular, & the food was amazing - not one bad meal the whole time☺

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Dipika Shah

We had a fantastic family trip to Turkey organized by this travel company. We traveled all over, saw all the sights but most importantly, gained a highly personal insight into the complexity of the region. Our travel specialist organized a great itinerary & was easy to reach when we needed to make changes. Our guide was wonderful & led us on in-depth discussions of politics, religion, history, & the rhythm of daily life. We had meaningful interactions with Israelis, Arabs, Druse, & Bedouins all curated to some extent by the travel company. Sights are just sites, it was the people we met through this travel company that made the trip unique. Highly recommend the travel company to experience the complexity of Turkey.

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Rajesh Choudhary

Absolutely stunning☺ Everything was perfect, nice hotels with courteous staff. The rooms were well maintained & luxurious. Very good gym facilities & a variety of breakfast & dinner. The tour guides were very friendly & knowledgeable. We cover beautiful architecture of Blue Mosque, St. Sophia & Archaeological Museum. Enjoy the sunrise hot air balloon ride over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. I would recommend Antilog Vacation services to all, I definitely booked the same services for my next trips in future.

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Arshaf Ali

If you are in Antalya & had enough spare time then you should plan a trip to Managat waterfalls lying on the river Managat. During our last visit our guide took us to this pristine place with water falling over a rock. There were few restaurants where you could have your breakfast & lunch. Plenty of shops gives you opportunity to buy local things on reasonable rates. Land around the river side is very fertile & you would see tea gardens too. A good deal Antilog Vacations.

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Hemant Devaliya

Our travel specialist helped us create the best journey we have ever been on☺ Short on time, we were having difficulties choosing an itinerary, especially given how many outsider travel companies offer various packages exploring Scotland. Our travel specialist expertly planned & booked a unique itinerary just for us, balancing the best of Argentinian & Chilean Patagonia based on our requests & his local knowledge. He also graciously altered that itinerary as needed, offered honest answers to our questions, & was conscious of our price point throughout the process. He was able to reserve us accommodations that are typically difficult to book nearing the high season & paired us with wonderful guides to help us navigate our treks & travel through Scotland

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Luxury Honeymoon‎


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