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Kelly White

We’ve a great time during our Brazil tour while enjoying the best parts like swimming, fishing, canoeing, boat safari, hiking & bird watching. It was our first visit to South America region through the best operators Antilog Vacations. There is no any single complain or any improvement suggestion.

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Birinci Matterson

At the massive wetland of Pantanal, we fully enjoyed our day inwildlife spotting. Luckily, we got the opportunity to watchcapybaras, jaguars, caimans & a variety of birds. We were on a family tour & had a good amount of time with “The Best Of Brazil” Antilog’s package. I think no one can plan such variety of Rio De Janeiro, Bonito andPantanal within 7 days. Great time☺

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Swami Natturanjan

Brazil, a very impressive site where we got a magnificent spectacle named ‘Iguazu Falls’. This world famous location has origin from Iguazu River on Brazil Border up to Argentina. We also covered UNESCO World Heritage SiteIguazu National Park with the well informative tour guide. We need not to put any single effort with the well planned management of Antilog..

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Joshua Hall

Blue Lake Cave, Bonitois a highly recommended place. My words are not enough to describe the beauty of this wonder. With the start of this grotto as a central landmark, I got higher degrees of excitement.. & found lake in the bottom of this cave with sapphire blue color. Luckily, on the same day I was in blue shirt & I got intensified pics on a sunny day.. Amazing visit with the great partners Antilog Vacations.

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The best of Brazil


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