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Tatum Channing

Visiting Australia with Antilog Vacations was very much pleasurable indeed. We went there as a couple & spent the most romantic days there. My boyfriend swears to return to Australia for our honeymoon, which is soon to happen as we are getting married in a year. I am so excited already. We planned the trip with Antilog Vacations & have decided to let them take care of our honeymoon as well. Impressive services… You folks need to give it a try☺

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Suzy Shier

Australia Vacations were classics. There is nothing like Australia, from Gold coast to Sydney, everything seems more concentrated to their multicultural influence. Amazed to see the Sydney harbor bridge, the universal identity of Sydney. The high & low lands of Australia make it an ideal location for spending pretty awesome time there. Wild, lively, exotic & wonderful.

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Kavi Pawar

This experience was superb. I like the itinerary provided by Antilog Vacations. It contained all the important information, together with phone numbers. I saw some itineraries done by other companies; they didn't have whole detail about the trip. So guys I suggest you Choose Antilog & enjoy stress-free trip.

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Prakruthi Narayana

Antilog Vacations was marvellous☺ The web site is very user friendly & informative. The website helps to give ideas to see what types of activities to try that was very useful. Even when we were in Australia our tour expert was always answered whenever we needed & resolve our small issues instantly. Overall Awesome trip☺ Love it☺☺

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Nolan Gould

Gripped with the extravaganza of activities on Antilog Vacations, my friends booked ten packages to Australia. Antilog Vacations left no stone unturned to make this vacation an unforgettable experience for us, keeping our age in mind they include such activities & events that perfectly match our interests. Guide was also adventure freak & helped a lot in gratifying us with a number of water sport activities.

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Australian Getaway


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