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France (1N/2D - 30N/31D)

Corsica Holiday Tour Packages (3N/4D)
Corsica 3N

Trip Type: Leisure User Rating: 8/10
Plan this trip with 80 Hotels & 160 Activities Options All applicable taxes

Package Cost INR 48,732 Per Person


France Honeymoon Packages (6N/7D)
Paris 3N| Marseille 1N| The French Riviera 2N

Trip Type: Leisure User Rating: 8/10
Plan this trip with 131 Hotels & 172 Activities Options All applicable taxes

Package Cost INR 2,71,250 Per Person


France Holiday Tour Package (6N/7D)
Paris 2N| Avignon 2N| The French Riviera 2N

Trip Type: Honeymoon User Rating: 8/10
Plan this trip with 145 Hotels & 181 Activities Options All applicable taxes

Package Cost INR 75,144 Per Person


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AV Europe Group Tours (14N/15D)
London 2N| Stenaline Cruise 1N| Amsterdam 1N| Paris 3N| Switzerland 3N| Innsbruck 1N| Venice 1N| Rome 2N

Trip Type: Leisure User Rating: 9/10
Plan this trip with 95 Hotels & 190 Activities Options All applicable taxes

Package Cost INR 1,73,600 Per Person


Europe Group Packages (10N/11D)
Paris 3N| Switzerland 3N| Innsbruck 1N| Venice 1N| Rome 2N

Trip Type: Leisure User Rating: 9/10
Plan this trip with 110 Hotels & 145 Activities Options All applicable taxes

Package Cost INR 1,58,410 Per Person


Paris with Switzerland (6N/7D)
Paris 3N| Switzerland 3N

Trip Type: Leisure User Rating: 9/10
Plan this trip with 125 hotel & 170 Activities option All applicable taxes

Package Cost INR 1,18,296 Per Person


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Feel the Wonders of Love in your France Honeymoon Tour

France is the perfect destination for a married couple who is trying to find an ideal honeymoon trip in Europe. Whether you have been lured from the fairytale-like cities of Provence, the sun-soaked shore of the Southern side of France, or even the intimate and enthusiastic whimsy of Paris, you will not regret reserving France honeymoon packages. France has something for everyone who would like to travel in style and spend a beautiful, memorable honeymoon. Try to plan your own itinerary that covers cities of France so you can observe the actual surface of France.


Paris is quite much the best and desirable destination for couples. It's also referred to as the city of love and funds of France. When imagining love, Paris definitely strikes the brain. Surely this is among the most adoring, enchanting and romantic cities on the planet. Paris in summer time is a superb time to test out. The town streets are less dressed and dressed in white snow producing a wonderful setting for honeymoon. Paris is known as the City of Lights, as we know Paris as, becomes much more sparkling in summer time, since it is the time when Christmas arrives and what is covered in snow. If you hunt to find the ideal excursion to France out of India, pairs are going to be on peak of the search.

Places to visit in Paris:

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is just one of those outstanding symbols of France and also an absolute necessity to watch on a trip to Paris. It's found on the Champ de Mars space and hosts the traffic on its three degrees with restaurants around the first two floors and also the observation deck on the third floor. It's the ideal place to pick as your France tour packages from India.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is situated on the banks of seine and hosts the most remarkable art collections from the sections of antiques that are Egyptian, Roman antiques, Islamic arts, sculptures, decorative arts, drawing and painting. If you're planning to go to Paris you visit this place together with your nearest and dearest and make France vacation packages awesome. The museum also hosts seasonal exhibitions around its assumptions.

Cathedral Notre Dame

A Roman Catholic Church about the Île de la Cite in Paris, famous for a few of the most remarkable masterpieces of ancient architecture. An ascent into the Cathedral towers will benefit you with a stunning perspective of town. It's among the gorgeous churches of town. Keep an eye out for some fantastic architecture especially on the outside along with the stained glass work in the inside. The harm resulted in the roof and spire. But it is an iconic allure of this Paris city. Cathedral Notre open seven days per week and seeing is totally free.

Arc de Triomphe

The Neoclassical architectural design of the arch retains within itself a convention of sculpture from the 19th century and it's constructed in remembrance of and to honor martyred soldiers that gave their lives for the nation during the direction of Napoleon. The Arc de Triomphe is one of most visited areas in Paris, each traveler admires the Arc De Triomphe because of the historical essence and also the sensation of bravery and guts it instills within the hearts of the men and women who see it.

Sacre Coeur

After Eiffel Tower that the Sacre Coeur is the 2nd greatest point of Paris city. At the top stage of the Sacre Coeur you have appealing views of the glistening golden town of Paris. Sacre Coeur is a sign of both political and cultural position.


A stroll in Montmartre is really a one of a king encounter and it is a stroll you will not be denying. Many artists of this era have been motivated by Montmartre. Its narrow alleys, its windmills, and also its own spirit are a few of the things which make Montmartre so exceptional. Montmartre has got the reputation among tourists of becoming an idyllic, calm and authentically local place in all Paris. If you're on a France holiday package from Delhi you absolutely should have a stroll in Montmartre.

Finest time to Visit Paris

The ideal time to see Paris is summertime June to August is the most lively time for tourism. At the moment the weather is ideal. This Season will be the most costly than other seasons. If you would like to see Paris less expensively you are able to visit at the spring weeks between March to May. Fall is also a conductive time to see Paris.

Nice City

Nice is the best place to choose the most out of France tour packages from India. The capital area of French Riviera, Nice with its tens of thousands of years old historic past brings honeymoon couples from all around the world. It's a lively city with lavish ancient temples, nice beachfront and marketplaces surging with striking knick and knacks. Find the finest France honeymoon package experience by indulging in several activities like seeing man-made waterfalls along with your loved ones and revel in the great cityscape out of Castle Hills, watch the spirit and soul provoking view of French Riviera.

Best Places to Visit in Nice:

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is the very visit location in nice town. Castle Hill overlooks the wonderful town and divides the beachfront's portion of town into two parts, the western region with the older city of fine and the southern part with the vent. Couples take a gorgeous image to capture their cherished moments. On Castle Mountain there is plenty of sight to view, the artificial waterfall, and the panorama of Fine city from the observation deck, the ruins of the palace at the middle along with the perspective of the Old Port of Nice on the opposite side of this mountain.

Promenade Des Anglais

A great deal of events is coordinated at The Promenade Des Anglais, the famed Nice Carnival, in addition to sporting events, meetings and exhibits. In Promenade there are many interesting attractions and places to see. You will find magnificent parks, museums, trendy beaches and of class luxury resorts and casinos.

French Riviera

French Riviera is the most well-known spot in Nice town. The French Riviera isn't more or less sunbathing on its many beaches. It's also seeing this area's most intriguing towns and attractions. You'll find here excellent beaches, luxury resorts, top brand stores, casinos, pricey restaurants, interesting museums and medieval villages. This unbelievable growth of the Riviera coast is essentially a new independent nation, the second smallest nation on earth. This location is the ideal location to get a celebration, in case you and your loved both are celebration fans then you have to reserve your France honeymoon vacation form Mumbai, in line with the simple fact that you won't overlook this location on your France tour package holiday destination.

Very best time to Visit Nice

The ideal time to see nice city is in the very month of July and August. Summer is the most busy time in Nice. This is the very best time to research Nice. Fall September into November sees lighter temperatures and thinner audiences. If you would like to provide the audiences a miss and revel in cooler weather. Winter season December to February is a nice time to see Nice. There's not any tourist rush and you're able to research Nice. It is possible to pick any season based on your itinerary.


The island is largely covered with hills and the island includes over two hundred shores. Corsica cities and cities are attractive. This location is unique and a perfect holiday destination for tourists due to its civilization interwoven with Italian and French influences. Corsica packs the very best of character and provides a complete unparalleled experience. In Corsica town there are a great deal of things to do throughout your France honeymoon suites, windsurfing, jet and water skiing, diving and snorkeling are there on the shores of Corsica town. Rock Climbing, hiking and trekking, parachuting, paragliding and quad biking in the mountains of Corsica. Resplendent in its true awareness, Corsica is going to be a spot you never forget.

Best Places to See In Corsica:


Ajaccio has a classic quarter and quite a few intriguing buildings. Ajaccio is also referred to as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and the home where he was born that is presently a museum. Ajaccio is a cosmopolitan town teeming with fashionable eateries, designer labels and contemporary vibe. There are many cafes, restaurants and pubs round Ajaccio lined along calm shores should you comply with the seafront.


If you're on a Corsica town excursion, Bonifacio should stop by the area of Corsica. Banifacio is among the most gorgeous areas you can choose on your France honeymoon suites. Its magnificent all-natural setting, the ancient fortress city of Bonifacio is a vital stop for many people in Corsica. Bonifacios raised citadel, which has been constructed on a rocky promontory right over the Mediterranean sea also comes with several historic churches.


Bastia is France's second biggest tourist jack, following Calais. It's located north west of the Corsica Island. The Bastia is full of all the appeal of narrow lanes and alleys, pastel colours and tall buildings. The appealing sights of Bastia comprise the old city, the citadel and the old haven. Bastia historic center includes 2 different areas, first Terra Vecchia and the next Terra Nova. Old harbour is the ideal place to spend your day with your spouse.

Very best time to See Corsica

The ideal time to see Corsica is May to October. At the moment the sea is hot and the weather is fine. It's an excellent time to see Corsica. Tourists like the weather activities like biking and trekking. Cycling throughout the mountain and trekking among the toughest and most stunning paths in Corsica. Month of September is the ideal time to enjoy beaches without a lot of tourist crowds. This age is too hot for trekking. If you're planning to go to Corsica, May to October is an ideal month to see.


It's located on the Garonne River at the Gironde section of south-western facet of France. It's a hub of this famed wine growing area and seeing the wine country is what makes the experience more comfortable than ever. It's a really intriguing and appealing city worth spending some time on a France holiday bundle. The Opera house is a number of the numerous exceptional areas to go to that transportation you in an age of its kind! Exceptionally famed for the wine, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Ch_teau p Bensse are a number of those many other wines which are created to enhance your senses. The Saint Michel Quarter that encircles it's the most vibrant and atmospheric community In Bordeaux. The Bordeaux walking excursion is the best way to observe the city.

Best Places to Visit In Bordeaux:

Cathedral St. Andre

Cathedral St. Andre, is the largest church of Bordeaux city. It is located near the Town hall. This Roman Catholic Church is the most majestic of Bordeaux’s Churches. Visit this Gothic style masterpiece to admire an important art collection with your partner on your France honeymoon tour package from Chennai. For the experience the best view of the city climbs the 160 feet Bell Tower. A must go for History, Art and Architecture enthusiasts.

Miroir D'eau

A stunning sight, a stroll in the day on the Miroir D'eau will leave you shout. Made from granite slabs coated with a thin coating of water two centimeter deep, the setup creates a snowball impact every quarter hour through the summer. It's an iconic location to see in Bordeaux. If you're following a visit to France from India you have to go and see this glorious sight to create your honeymoon more lovely.

Art Museum

This art museum provides a meticulous look in a half-century of civilization and attributes new forms of modern art. It houses a permanent exhibition of a few 1300 functions by 190 artists. A trip to this museum together with friends or family is a fun learning experience. That having been said, Bordeaux is also quite pleasant and intimate in fall and in winter among other items, a Christmas market which will delight old and young alike.


Cannes is a famed small city in the south of France that has been maintaining the world's interest. It's famous for its luxury stores, resorts and the identifying annual Cannes Film Festival. Cannes sparkles with glamour and luxury today, there are many boutiques, couture stores and stars which makes it the most social hub of Europe. Together with the gorgeous Mediterranean climate and blessed with scenic beauty, it's the ideal place to see in your France honeymoon holiday.

Best Places to Visit In Cannes:

La CroisetteLa Croisette is the middle of tourist action in Cannes city. Le Croistte is famous for its couture stores and luxury resorts. The multi staged resorts and couture stores lining the iconic La Croisette preserve of the wealthy and famous. A favorite pastime among Cannois in the nighttime, as it twinkles with its glowing lights. It's the ideal location to see in Cannes city. The gorgeous villas and boutiques that line up across the boulevard are entirely worth taking a leisurely stroll.

Palais Des Festivals

Palais Des Festivals the place for its most glamorous occasions. During time, the construction is used for other festivals and events. Posing for a selfie together with your loved ones about the 22 steps leading to the principal entrance of the concrete bunker improbable host to the world's most glamorous film festival in the western end of La Croisette is a crucial Cannes adventure. The construction has rapidly grown into one of the most recognizable characteristics anywhere in town, and really everywhere along the French Riviera.

Notre Dame D'esperance

Notre Dame D'esperance is the Main Church in Cannes. This Victorian style church building began in the 16th Century and it required nearly a hundred years because of its conclusion. The 16th century church attracts visitors to Le Suquet due to its distinctive architecture design and lovely views of the town of Cannes you could encounter when there. The church is an energetic place to worship in addition to a place for the Nights of Le Suquet.

Finest time to Visit Cannes

The ideal time to see Cannes is from March to May, prior to the yearly film festival along with the coming of summer holiday crowds and hot weather. If you wish to conserve as much cash as you can, winter is a superb time to see the town as cold temperatures at the mid-50s and large 30s yield considerably lower prices for lodging. But you will want to check that your favorite resort has not closed up to the offseason. Fall is just another silent season where resort prices are lower compared to the summer and spring and the weather remains mild, though rain is regular. .