AV Xtra

Applicable only for the Indian Citizens travelling outside India on a holiday package offered by Antilog Vacations- India.

    1) Car Rental Excess

    There shall be a reimbursement to the Traveller in respect of the “Excess Amount” that the Traveller is obliged to pay arising from physical loss of or damage to the rental car whilst in the Traveller’s control and custody during the covered trip, up to $1000. This covers the Excess Charge following the theft or damage to Rental car including the undercarriage, windows and tyres. Up to $200 are reimbursed for-
    1. Replacing a lost or stolen rental car key, including replacement of locks and locksmith charges up to 20% of limit of indemnity under this section.
    2. Cleaning out the engine and fuel system and associated towing costs in case the Traveller put wrong type of fuel in its rented vehicle.
    3. Towing or recovery costs following an accident or breakdown involving the Rental Vehicle.

    2) Loss of Laptop/Tablet

    Up to $500 cover for Traveller’s laptop/Tab due to theft only during the trip. The Traveller must complain to the police within 24 hours of incident of theft and seek the complaint copy in writing from them along with the circumstances of loss.

    3) Emergency Family Visit

    In the event of the Traveller who travelled alone and being hospitalized on account of any major illness for more than seven consecutive days and also where his medical condition forbids him for repatriation, he shall be reimbursed the expenses of visit of one Immediate family Member up to $1500.

    4) Travel Inconvenience

    In the event of Trip cancellation or Interruption of a covered trip due to necessary and unavoidable reasons as stated below, the Company will reimburse up to $1000 which are not recoverable from any other source.
    1. When Traveller’s Principal residence and/or his intended place of stay at destination is rendered uninhabitable due to Fire, flood, vandalism or natural disaster and also his place of business is rendered inoperative due to operation of said perils.
    2. Termination of employment or layoff affecting the Traveller provided that the Traveller has been employed with the same employer for at least five continuous years without any break.
    3. The Traveller and/or his immediate family member has become victim of Felonious Assault 10 days prior to the departure date provided he/they are not principal or an accessory in such felonious assault.
    4. Inclement weather/climatic condition in the city or primary place of departure and/or at intended destination.
    5. Civil Unrest, Riot and Strike in the home city and/or at departing station and/or intended destination of the Traveller making the trip impossible, provided that.
    6. The Govt. of India issues a travel advisory.
    7. Airport is shut down forcing the Airline to delay the flight for more than 24 hours or to cancel the flight.
    8. Curfew is imposed by the City Administration.
    9. Terrorist Attack in the home city and/or at departing station and/or destination listed on the Traveller’s itinerary 3 days prior to the Traveller’s departure date and resulting that the Traveller is unable to move out consequent upon such terrorist attack.

    5) Travel Loan Secure

    Benefits also extended to cover Travel Loan Taken by Traveller from NBFC / Bank to the extent of Rs 1 Lakh in case of death or permanent disablement.

    6) Pre-Existing Disease Treatment

    All expenses incurred on any unexpected/unavoidable hospitalization related with Traveller’s pre-existing disease, directly or indirectly upto $7500. However this benefit is available to Traveller up to the age of 70 years only.

    7) Mugging Benefits

    We will pay up to the amount shown in the table of benefits if you are mugged in country in which you are traveling. A mugging is a violent, unprovoked attack by someone not Traveller on this policy which results in physical bodily injury, as shown in the police report.

    8) Debit/Credit Card fraud

    Up to $500 for financial loss, arising out of fraudulent utilization of lost or stolen credit card of the Traveller from the date such debit/credit card is reported lost till the date of lost listing provided such loss occurs during the period of Insurance when the Traveller Person is on foreign trip.

    9) Pet Care

    Up to $250 for extra charge for a kennel or cattery to be paid to outside agency if Traveller’s final booked return journey to India by aircraft, sea vessel, coach or train is delayed for more than 24hrs due inclement weather, strike, industrial action or mechanical breakdown.

    10) Overseas travel provider gets Insolvent

    Reimbursements up to $1000 in event of an Overseas Travel Service Provider who is located at the intended destination(s) turns insolvent and the Traveller does not get intended service. In case of re-arrangement of journey, the company will pay the reasonable cost of such rearrangement but not exceeding the cost that the Traveller has already incurred for intended journey.

    11) Loss of International driving licence

    Up to $1000 towards the Traveller’s reasonable expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or fresh International Driving License either overseas or within 30 days upon return to India.

    12) Home to Home Accidental benefits

    If the Traveller suffers Accidental Bodily Injury on the way from his residence to the International Airport in India to start his Overseas journey or back to his residence from the International Airport in India on his return from Overseas journey during travel Period and if this is the sole and direct cause of his Death or Permanent Disability within 3 months from the date of such injury, then appropriate reimbursement shall be awarded.

    13) Protecting your home while you travel

    In the event of an actual or attempted burglary &/or robbery in the Traveller`s residence situated at the address given or usual place of resident the shall be provided compensation of Rs 2 Lakhs provided always that proper F.I.R. is lodged with the nearest Police Station.

    General Terms

  1. Above offers are just representations. Actual offer document shall require consent and may vary from the representations.
  2. Offer is not auto included in the holiday packages.
  3. All the claims are subjected to terms and conditions and as per fair usage policy.
  4. Proofs of all Claims are required and shall be provided after thorough investigation from third parties. Checklist of all proofs shall be made available after package confirmation.
  5. Benefits shall come into effect only after the full and final payments towards a package.
  6. One or more benefits under AV-Xtra can be taken in parts separately (Optional). Kindly contact your dedicated manager at +91-17625-17925.
  7. Information like Emergency contacts, medical helplines, proof details, offer details etc. shall be provided only after package confirmation & final payments.