AV Secure+

Applicable only for the Indian Citizens travelling outside India on a holiday package offered by Antilog Vacations- India.

    1) Loss Or Delay Of Baggage

    $750 Payment of Lost Checked in baggage & $100 for delay of 12+ Hours.

    2) Loss of Passport

    $250 Refunds if you lose passport during the trip.

    3) Personal Liability

    If the Traveller in his private capacity becomes legally liable to pay for accidental bodily injury to Third Parties or accidental damage to Third Party Properties arising from an incident during the Trip. Claims up to $20,000 are covered.

    4) Hijack Cover

    $50 per day In the event that a Carrier is hijacked during trip and traveller is not released for more than 24 hours, the Insurance Company will pay up to the sum specified in the schedule of policy subject to the maximum limit as specified in the Policy Schedule.

    5) Bounced Hotel Booking

    In the event of hotel booking at destination point(s) being bounced i.e.Traveller could not obtain hotel accommodation services already booked for him on confirmed basis with the suppliers/ agents outside India due to non-supply of services, he shall be reimbursed to the extent of 90% of Reasonable cost of Transportation expenses to the alternative hotel. The difference of cost in up gradation to a superior class of accommodation, wherever alternate accommodation is not available on the cost of pre-booked hotel. For this benefit the traveller shall be required to furnish proof that the alternate accommodation on the cost of pre-booked hotel is not available in the form of a certificate issued by the Alternate Accommodation Service Provider.

    6) Golfer hole in one

    $250 Reimbursement if traveller is declared winner for “Hole in One” during the trip to reimburse expenses incurred in celebration of achieving the “Hole in One” in an internationally recognized golf course.

    7) Trip Cancellation/Curtailment

    In the event of cancellation/curtailment of trip due to necessary and unavoidable reasons, the Company will indemnify the traveller to limits for loss of personal accommodation, visa charges, any sightseeing booked in advance, cruise ticket and travel charges paid or contracted to be paid by the traveller, which are not recoverable from any other source.

    8) Missed Connections

    Up to $450 reimbursement in case of the Insured Person missing a connecting flight or train or ship/cruise due to cancellation of service or departure, delayed departure, change of route, non-landing/docking, offloading of passengers due to any reason including overbooking. Reasonable and necessary expenses incurred for accommodation, food, communication up gradation of travel ticket to a superior class of travel shall be provided.

    9) Trip Delay

    $10 for every 12 hours shall be provided in case of Trip delay due to adverse weather condition, Air Traffic Congestion. Riot, Strike, Industrial Action at airport or that of Airlines, accidental/ Mechanical Failure /Technical problem in the Aircraft.

    General Terms

  1. Above offers are just representations. Actual offer document shall require consent and may vary from the representations.
  2. Offer is not auto included in the holiday packages.
  3. All the claims are subjected to terms and conditions and as per fair usage policy.
  4. Proofs of all Claims are required and shall be provided after thorough investigation from third parties. Checklist of all proofs shall be made available after package confirmation.
  5. Benefits shall come into effect only after the full and final payments towards a package.
  6. No benefits under AV-Secure+ can be taken in parts separately. Kindly contact your dedicated manager at +91-17625-17925.
  7. Information like Emergency contacts, medical helplines, proof details, offer details etc shall be provided only after package confirmation & final payments.