AV Cruise+

Applicable to Travellers booking Cruise Packages from Antilog Vacations.

    1) Missed Port Departure

    Up to $1000 for reasonable additional accommodation (room only) and travel expenses necessarily incurred in joining the cruise ship journey at the next docking port if Traveller fails to arrive at the international departure point in time to board the ship on which he has booked to travel on the initial international journey of his trip as a result of-
    1. Failure of scheduled public transport or an accident to or breakdown of the vehicle in which he is travelling.
    2. An accident or breakdown occurring ahead of him on a motorway or dual carriageway which causes an unexpected delay to the vehicle in which Traveller is travelling.
    3. Strike, industrial action or adverse weather conditions.

    2) Unused Excursions

    Up to $1000 for the cost of pre-booked excursions, which you were unable to use and which are not refundable from any other source as a direct result of being confined by the medical officer on the ship to your own cabin due to an accident or illness which is covered under AV Health+.

    General Terms

  1. Above offers are just representations. Actual offer document shall require consent and may vary from the representations.
  2. Offer is not auto included in the holiday packages.
  3. All the claims are subjected to terms and conditions and as per fair usage policy.
  4. Proofs of all Claims are required and shall be provided after thorough investigation from third parties. Checklist of all proofs shall be made available after package confirmation.
  5. Benefits shall come into effect only after the full and final payments towards a package.
  6. No benefits under Cruise+ can be taken in parts separately. Kindly contact your dedicated manager at +91-17625-17925.
  7. Information like Emergency contacts, medical helplines, proof details, offer details etc shall be provided only after package confirmation & final payments.
  8. Following your temporary illness requiring hospital treatment on dry land, provided you submit a certificate from the medical practitioner in attendance to confirm the details of your unforeseen illness or injury.