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Mithila Verma

We were the group of three friends & picked ‘Classical Europe’ option from the Antilog’s menu. Through this package we covered almost all the famous parts within definite schedule apart from facing any single trouble. It was a great experience with the local food & several natural & man-made wonders. Enjoyful journey☺☺

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Agnes Watson

Here I want to firstly appreciate the magical services of Antilog through which I explored the 9 countries within 16 days. I didn't feel any discomfort in the processing of tour operators. Everything was on flow with our 5 nights stay in Italy, 1 night in Austria, 3 nights Switzerland, I night Germany, 2 nights Netherlands & 3 nights in Paris.
Best deal within incomparable charges☺☺

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Kaven Vohra

I explored the most of the amazing area of Europe in my Classic Europe Package taken from Antilog Vacations. The itinerary you created for us was amazing; everything was on time. Totally worth the money spent & would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the great service☺ Keep it up☺

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Steph Ross

If you’re in Italy & don’t taste the local food, then there is no means of your tour. We opt the “Classical Europe” package from the long list of Antilog Vacations & similarly enjoyed the incredible places & real taste of Italian food. Even our tour guide ‘Kate’ formed a friendly relation with us. Our group was fully impressed with her knowledge & fantastic style.

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Hitesh Pathak

I felt myself close to heaven with the Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen amazing experience during Austria. This ride put away all your past experiences of ski & related ones. We covered almost all the attractions of Innsbruck through this pass. Thanks Antilog for suggesting the best

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Classical Europe


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