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Harshad Mehta

If you are travelling to Greece, Antilog Vacations is the company for you. This amazing startup has the best of ethics in the industry & they will impress you in everything they do for you. Our Greece tour couldn’t have been any better. The entire experience was mind-boggling in the truest sense of the term with everything going smoother than expected. We thank Antilog Vacations with all our heart for making a dream come true in the best possible way!

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Vijayant Thapar

I truly enjoyed my trip to Greece. It was my first time hence I have totally no clue on which hotel to stay or what activities to do. Our travel company (Antilog Vacations) did a great job in answering all my queries & concerns. They also selected the hotels & activities base on my specific requirements which was really accurate & absolutely enjoyable. We had the best time of our lives in Greece, all made possible by AV. Thank you so much!

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Harold Harris

I got an economical tip from the side of Antilog Vacations in my Greece visit. You guys superbly planned my trip & best accommodation in capital city Athens. Everything was on a smooth track. I got the entire plan in a reasonable sense from dining in trendier restaurants, supping high-end cocktails & the other plenty of ways to explore the city. Superb!!! A big star for your services..

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Zayed Ahmed

The multicolored cliffs of Greece gave the chance to my eyes to actually feel your imagination from every corner of your heart. There was a unique glow in atmosphere with red & orange color of sunset..i just felt like nature offered me a painting brush in this gorgeous traditional land of artists. Thanks, Antilog for providing such a wonderful fragrance to my soul.

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Natasa Khatua

Great hotel, everything was fine. The room was very spacious & well designed. Excellent selection of food for breakfast & dinner & nice gym facilities. The staff was very friendly & helpful. We Visited the Acropolis, Arch Of Hadrian, Benaki Museum & Olympian Zeus, see the amazing views of world-class Greek ruins & coastal. It was entirely safe & Antilog Vacations services are like a safe & only travel partner with me during my whole journey.

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Aabha Hanjura

Our 6 night trip to Greece was memorable we enjoyed it a lot & had a great time there. We decided to make all the travel arrangements from Antilog vacations a professional tour planner for worldwide travel. We had a nice experience of visiting Athens. At Athens we visited Acropolis & Dionysus Ancient Theatre that time I was feeling like I have reached the ancient days again.

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Athens Paradise


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