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David Dawson

We landed in Istanbul on March 3 & visited magnificently decorated Blue Mosque. Grand Bazar is good place to buy carpet, jewelry & more. This Grandeur Bazar had around 4000 shops & offer variety of products. Make sure you do enough bargaining before buying products because they usually tell much higher prices. Spice Bazar is another attraction of Istanbul, the aroma of spices can be traces from many kilometers aways. Apart from these I will recommend you to visit the palace of Topkapi The Sultanahmet district, Basilica Cistern the Istanbul Archeological Museums. A place with adorable people. Team Antilog Vacations you know the taste of your customers well.

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Anuj Bharadwaj

We were five people on the historical tour of Turkey. All things were arranged by the Antilog Vacations since we didn’t want anything to grate on our nerves. We went to Istanbul & The Sultanahmet district of the Istanbul. The Sultanahmet district is the heart of historic Old Istanbul & here you will see Topkapi Palace, Ayasofya , the Blue Mosque , Basilica Cistern the Istanbul Archeological Museums, Great Palace Mosaic Museum & many other monument which I forget.

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Turkey is a great place to shop. Here you get the great variety of products from world famous brands to traditional trademarks at very reasonable prices. If you are fond of spices then must visit famous spice bazaar of Istanbul. The rich aroma & color of exotic spices with people attracting customers at the pitch will definitely give you an impression of local markets.

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Anurag Nigam

We never forgot our 2 nights friendly stay at ‘Grand Oztanik’, Istanbul. Basically, it’s a great effort of Antilog professional team. This comfort was a result of their proper communication, experience & knowledge. With the proper settled itinerary, we had comfortably covered the famous locations.
Excellent team☺☺

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Raghu Pratab

It was a very nice place, Angel's Home hotel was great. The staff was very welcoming & accommodating, enjoy the buffet breakfast on the roof terrace. The room was excellent with an awesome view. We visited Istanbul city sightseeing attractions such as Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Jurassic Land, & Spice Bazaar. Thanks to Antilog Vacations for such superb planning & managing the whole visit in a grand way.

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Ananya Singh

This was my second visit to Turkey. Instead of roaming different places in one go this time I asked Antilog Vacations to limit my journey to Antalya only. The blend of sun, deep blue sea & mountains covered with tree hard to find somewhere else. Bosporus is one of my famous waterway in Istanbul & you don’t need to be a historically acknowledged with ruin history of Istanbul, having little knowledge is enough to enjoy its splendid views. Here you will find plenty of amusement activities like boat ridding, aqua rides & sumptuous hotels & restaurants.

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Nishant Garg

I was planning a very complicated trip to Turkey & Jordan, which had to be organized around business activities. What does this mean? I changed my itinerary a million times. Antilog Vacations was completely flexible, professional, understanding & without issue adjusted each time. They also answered a ton of questions & researched the things I wanted to know. I'm going, to be frank, my vacations are top notch, I spend a ton. I really enjoy this country for its beauty, culture, people, art, architecture, etc.

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Classic Istanbul


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