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Patricia Marshmellow

With much enthusiasm, here I am to say that I had a really wonderful time visiting Hong Kong with Antilog Vacations - the best vacation I have ever had. The guides & drivers were great, & all of my flight connections were good. I was very pleasantly surprised that all of the connections went so smoothly, since my itinerary was pretty complicated. Each of them treated me so well, & all at least pretended to be impressed that I can speak & read some Chinese. I will definitely return to this country as much as I would want this vacation agency to plan my future vacations.

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Mohit Agarwal

Hong Kong welcomes their guests with open arms & offer variety of eye-catching experience. Our group of three friends has lots of fun on this tour comparatively better for ever. Extremely gracious staff to fulfill your dream views whether you are on honeymoon, family vacations, with friends or solo. It’s totally secure..

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Babita Poojary

Me & my friends visited Hongkong & Macau on our 5 days trip arranged by Antilog Vacations. We enjoyed the evening Sunset Cruise on impressive Victoria & experience the magical beauty of Hong Kong at night. Observe the panoramic view of Macau Tower & Ruins Of St. Paul's. Nice hospitality, the staff was very warm & friendly, the rooms were large & comfortable. The buffet breakfast was fantastic & many varieties. We really liked the local attractions & our meet with the local people.

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Christie Shaw

The first ever vacation of my life & I planned it through this agency- Antilog vacations! My parents paid for the trip just after my graduation as graduation gift & I wanted to choose a budget package. After all, I had to save more to shop till I dropped. They had the best quotes for me when I told them what I was looking for. I visited both HK & Macau & returned with a good number of shopping bags. Madame Tussauds was really, really amazing!

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Steve Madden

And just when I was in need of a budget photography tour, I found one! Antilog Vacations- a name you can trust. The entire planning process was smooth, so was the trip. The hotel they selected for me was quite good & hospitable. I mostly did the activities on my own as I didn’t want to go along a pre-selected package; thanks to the made-to-order packs from Antilog. Hong Kong trip was a great success. I’ll come back to this business the next half of the year for another exciting tour. Great job by Antilog Vacations!

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Shalini Chandel

All travel & connections went smoothly. Traveling by train was relaxing & scenic. Using public transportation (subways, buses, trams) allowed us to get a close sense of specific cities & villages. Antilog Vacations took care of us by reserving: fine hotel rooms with great views & good locations; the best dinner tables at interesting restaurants; & good seats at music venues. The company arranged: superior-quality guides for private tours in Hong Kong. Our days were filled with interesting activities.

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Ramesh Punia

I had a great time, thanks. It was such a wonderful tour. The guides were very helpful & the hotel was very nice inspite of my low budget. I did fill out the assessment form & gave very positive feedback. So thanks for a great trip. I may be in touch again next year for my next tour.

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Colorful Hong kong & Macau


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