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Rishab Bajaj

We were on our honeymoon to Paris & as expected it turned out bliss to begin our married life here. Paris is exquisitely beautiful & full of life. The moment we step out on this romantic expedition, it was like that god was favouring us & everything went as per planned. This timeless & matchless city has given us some of the best moment of the life….either it is strolling around Eiffel tower, posing on Seine River cruise & shopping in the Paris everything left a long lasting impression on our mind. A Honeymoon Paradise for newlywed. Special thanks to Team Antilog Vacation for their crucial support during the whole trip.

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Ruchi Katiyar

Holidaying in France is a wonderful idea. This is the part of Europe that has nothing but beauty in every aspect. I have wanted to see the Eiffel Tower & the Louvre Museum since my grandpa introduced these places to me with his tales of trips from long ago. Antilog Vacations made my dream come true & I shall always be thankful to them. I loved the way they tailored the itinerary, providing ample time for me to visit these two places thoroughly. The accommodation was fantastic & so were the food we ate in the city. We have zilch to complain about. Highly recommended☺

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Vishu Sharma

Visit Paris for an unforgettable adventure. Great location, nice hotel, the room was very nice & comfortable. The staff was so friendly, professional & accommodating. The food was excellent & enjoy the choice of beverages includes soft drinks, a glass of wine, & coffee. We visited the famous sites such as Rodin Museum, École Militaire & the Champ de Mars, the Eiffel Tower & many more. Enjoy the adventure of Seine River Dinner Cruises. Overall enjoyable experience with Antilog Vacations & definitely want to visit again with the same services of excellent tour operators.

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Ashwani Kanaujia

We booked a 3N trip to Paris with Antilog Vacation on accounts of our honeymoon & we absolutely loved the trip. The stay was very good, of course, but the best part of our trip was the excursions. Paris is such a lovely city that never fails to impress. The most romantic city of all places, no doubt they call it the city of romance. We would like to go back again to this amazing place; 3 nights were too less for us to savor the grandeur of this city.

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Sameer Pratap

I Booked a trip towards Paris. Paris is a wonderful & most romantic city of all places. I with my wife spend three nights in Paris. There are several famous attractions. We enjoyed the Eiffel Tower Dining Experiences, Deck Seine River Dinner Cruises & the Speed Boat On The Seine. The hotel rooms, staff, & the services were excellent. Thanks, Antilog Vacations for this great trip.

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Prashant Singh

France is heaven for honeymooners… Paris is the kingdom of heaven. We travelled to France with a tour company by the name Antilog Vacations as their packages appealed to us, & we are glad we made the choice. The trip was very pleasant. We transited places in the country sans the slightest bit of hassle. Had it not been for Antilog Vacations we might not have had this experience as I can now read many unpleasant experiences in this country from other tourists. I sincerely regard AV to making it perfect for us.

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James Jone

It was a continued trip from the UK to France & we visited some of the most amazing places in the country. The stay in Paris was the best part of the French trip & we got a chance to visit a film festival in Cannes too. How cool is that☺ The vineyards in the Loire Valley produce some excellent wine & we loved sipping it. Antilog Vacations did a wonderful job of planning a flawless itinerary & we are very much impressed with their services. We would definitely look forward to planning a vacation with them again. We have already put a good word about them to friends & colleagues.

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Alexi Fendal

We have just returned from the trip of a lifetime. Thanks to Antilog Vacations travel company & their agent, our custom-designed 10-day tour of France was perfect. We easily followed the instructions in our travel packet, our tickets & vouchers were organized & accepted everywhere, every guide & driver was on time & extremely knowledgeable, & the recommended hotels & restaurants met our very high expectations. It is an effortless trip.

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